A Caribbean-style wrap of slow-cooked goat, chickpeas, potatoes, vegetables, spices, and mango chutney. You can also get it done up dinner-style with basmati rice. Vegetarians can leave out the meat.


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Since many of us east-enders have lived in basement apartments, we feel right at home at the subterranean C’est What, with its all-VQA wine list and vast selection of local draft taps, which makes sense because here in the east end, being local at your local is what it’s all about.

- Now, Pubs - East vs. West, March 10, 2010

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C'est What is Toronto's cultural ambassador offering a diverse menu of comfort food made from scratch with real honest ingredients alongside an unsurpassed selection of local craft beer, wine, and original music. We are Toronto's "local".

As Toronto's preeminent craft beer purveyor and original craft beer and wine restaurant, we offer Toronto's best choice with 42 craft brews on tap - including eight on cask, fine whiskies from the world over, and a select all Ontario VQA wine list.

C'est What is located in the cellar of a historic 19th century building in the St. Lawrence Market area. Casual, warm, and inviting, our Old Town charm appeals to Bohemians and Bay St. bankers alike.

Other diversions include board games, pool tables, and fireplaces. C'est What is also the home of an Internet radio station,, which streams indie-centric recorded music and all shows from our performance space.

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