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Issue 177

September 2017

Toronto Beer Week Edition

Beer Of The Month | Toronto Beer Week | What's Brewing

Beer Of The Month

Pompous Ass English Pale Ale

4.2% ABV, 28 IBU, Great Lakes

Pompous Ass is Great Lakes version of an English Ale using an American ale yeast to brighten up the flavour along with a contemporary blend of hops to ensure that even the most pompous ale drinker does a double take.


Toronto Beer Week Events

30th Annual Festival Of Canadian Craft Breweries

Friday/Saturday September 15/16, 5 PM to Midnight, Free Admission

In this installment of Ontario's original craft beer festival we will be trying to answer the quintessential Toronto conundrum: Which side of Yonge Street is the best place to live? Although it may not factor heavily into international quality of life indices, in our estimation, proximity to a good local brewery is an indicator of neighbourhood vibrancy.

On Friday September 15 the East Enders get to hold court and on Saturday the West Side Story will be told. So, forget the open houses and come down to C'est What to do your real estate research over a few brews.

There will be four dozen beers to try each night and, as has been the custom for the past thirty years, admission is free with most beer samples available for a loonie. Check Untappd in the week leading up to festival for the full lineup.

Beer Writers... Talk

Sunday September 17, 3 PM, Great Lakes Tap Feature, Free Admission

We have invited some notable beer writer/educators to step out from behind their computers and talk to us about their favourite subject.

How did the local scene develop from a few ex-pat Brits in search of a "proper" pint to legions of hipsters discussing the finer points of kettle souring? Are beer weenies as annoying as wine snobs? Will it ever be cool to drink lager again? Predictions will be made, kidneys tested, and maybe even a few books sold.

Art, Music, Beer

Thursday September 21, 8 PM to 11 PM, Collective Arts Tap Feature, Free Admission

Collective Arts is presenting a cultural trifecta for Toronto Beer Week: Watch the live creation of a visual art masterpiece while grooving to some fresh tunes, and chilling with a brew or two from their tap feature. The finished painting will be put up for silent auction in support of the youth arts program SKETCH.

Breakfast, Beer, & Baseball

Saturday September 23, from 10 AM, Left Field Tap Feature

Prepare for the last Jays regular season Saturday home game with a hearty beer breakfast. We will be serving a fine array of Left Field brews starting at 10 AM to accompany the launch of our weekend breakfast menu. For those without a ticket to see the Jays take on the Yankees we will be showing the game on our screens. Best of all, we have extended hours and will start the craft beer flowing as the doors open.

Check out Toronto Beer Week for the full schedule of events at better beer establishments around the city or pick up the Toronto Beer Guide at C'est What.


What's Brewing

New Homebrews

After a twenty-five year run on tap, Toronto's first Coffee Porter is taking a sabatical. In it's place we have created a Mocha Porter which combines the best qualities of it's parents - the dark, handsome character of our Chocolate Ale and the velvety, full-bodied goodness of the Coffee Porter (33 IBU, 6.0%). Our seasonal Ginger Wheat is in fine form with a liberal addition of ginger balanced by green tea and blood orange oil (24 IBU, 4.6%).

Much to (Dreaded Chocolate) Steve's dismay we have introduced Eric The Red. It is an Irish red style nitro-ale named after our head beer weenie who, truth be told, likes Senators more than Vikings (30 IBU, 5.2%). We have also collaborated with Bruce from Durham on a version of an Austrailian sparkling ale, Aussie Rules (20 IBU, 5.3%) 



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