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Issue 182

May 2018

4,000,000 Moments Issue

Beer Of The Month | 4,000,000 Moments | Trivia Night II | Featured Shows 


Beer Of The Month

Bedrock Lager

25 IBU, 4.7%

A German-style lager with a a subtle sweetness coming from four types of malt and a pleasant aroma of noble hops leading to a crisp and hoppy finish.


4,000,000 Moments

Find Your Moment During The Week of May 21 to 27

Enjoy a brew at C’est What during the week of May 21 and you just might become the iconic craft beer aficionado that has ordered the 4,000,000th pint served here. There will be prizes awarded to random beer lovers all week long.

Niagara Falls flows, in the summer, at 168,000 cubic metres per minute. C’est What’s 30-year total draught sales of 4,000,000 “pints” equates to 2,168,000 litres , if poured down our customers’ throats as fast as Niagara Falls flows, could have been consumed in 0.77 seconds. Think about that the next time you do a keg stand!

The Don River flows at 4 cubic metres per second. Our 4 million pints (2, 168 cubic metres) would have vanished down the Don River in just over 9 minutes.

At an average size of 50 litres, we have managed to carry in, pour, and carry out 43,360 kegs. Each keg weighs about 65 kilograms, so our wonderful delivery guys have lifted and carried 2,818 metric tonnes Into C’est What, and 650 metric tonnes out. No wonder our alley has potholes.

For those who drink beer while watching baseball (and why else watch baseball?), the beer that C’est What has poured would cover the entire playing surface of the SkyDome to a depth of .47 metres or almost 1.5 feet – perfect for wading or wallowing. We did it all without charging $18.00 for a cup of crappy “Dome Foam.”

Each keg is about 21 inches high. Stacked on top of each other, the kegs C’est What has served would tower to 75,880 feet, which is higher than the cruising altitude for the Concorde, or almost 42 times as high as the CN Tower. There, we’ve finally found a use for the CN Tower!

The average rate at which people pee is about 12 ml/second. At that rate, all the beer served at C’est What would have taken 50,185 hours to be vented. If you did nothing else but sleep for 8 hours a day, it would have taken you 8.6 YEARS to finally clean off the last few drops – imagine the relief!


Trivia Night II

Cultural Revolution

Wednesday May 16 at 8 PM

The second instalment of C’est Trivia will test your connection to popular culture. It will be the kind of pop quiz you always wanted to have in school - one that you could take with food, drink, and friends.


Featured Shows

Women In Music

Singer/Songwriter Showcase

Sunday May 27 at 7:00 PM, $10 in advance/ $15 at the door

Lora Ryan is poised to make some noise in the independent music scene. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, she recently relocated to the Hollywood of Canada: Toronto. Lora initially started her career in performing arts including hip-hop dance, acting, and musical theatre – all before graduating from high school. She quickly gained recognition for her talent and attracted help from a manager/publisher, and investors who helped her record her own 15-track Pop/Rock Debut album, Perfectly Imperfect (2012). Lora Ryan draws on personal experience to pen her lyrics, which can only be described as original and emotionally driven, sometimes angry, often angst-ridden, but always heartfelt and honest. “My world revolves around music,” she emphasizes. She’s has just released her brand new single “Best of Me” – An empowering pop-ballad with a strong message about being happy in your skin and knowing your self-worth.

Evie Wilder's lyrics often tell emotive and personal stories. Live performances are stripped back to just her and a piano, creating an intimate feeling with the audience. Elements of her style are reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, Adele and Christina Perri.

Avery Florence is a Toronto/Montreal based artist whose talent as a songwriter is matched with her angelically gritty voice and her undeniable personality. Drifting easily from warm-pop to bluesy anthems to low-key R&B, Avery is driven by a raw connection with her audience. Beneath a gentle good-humoured exterior lies a melancholy darkness that emerges softly from her lyrics & tone. Just after the release of her debut album entitled January, this soulful artist has momentum, selling out her first tour throughout Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal, New York, and Philadelphia.

Missy Knott is fun and fresh, always bringing something different and unexpected to her deliverance. If you're not listening to the soulful rasp of her voice become a sweet whisper, you're questioning her bare-feet on stage in the dead of winter. Raised in a small musical town, it was only a matter of time before the vision of entertaining her community with her voice and passion became a reality. Taking her first singing lesson at the age of 11 years old, it was a dream of Missy's to become the First Nations version of Selena and there was no looking back from there.

Sabrina Soares blends whip-fast verbal gymnastics with stuck-in-your-head pop riffs, Her debut 2016 EP ‘Plan A’ is a hooky, hip-swivelling nod to jazz, country, pop, and the funky Brazilian rhythms that colour her unique heritage. Mixing sincere and relatable diary-entry style lyrics with exceptional self-taught guitar playing while incorporating influences from artists such as Lauryn Hill, Musiq Soulchild, Jhene Aiko, and Drake. Sabrina turned to music full-time after graduating high school. She’s only got a Plan A: she’s all in, and you will be too.

Gun Hill Royals


Thursday May 31 at 8:30 PM, $10 suggested contribution

Los Angeles based Gun Hill Royals have been at it since 2013, honing their sound and writing songs that represent the many musical influences of all four members. Their sound is a melting pot of many styles, heated by their collective love of country music. It contains elements of old and new, ranging from good old country waltzes to rug cutters and barn burners.

Steed is a Toronto based folk-rock/canadiana band featuring delicate harmony, crunchy tone, and break-your-heart songwriting. With original tunes influenced by The Band, Steve Earle, and John Prine, Steed is equally at home tugging your heart strings with a ripping ballad, or getting down and dirty with an old-time country jam.



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