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Issue 183

June 2018

Better Late, But We're Early Issue

Beer Of The Month | Tap Feature | Weekend Breakfast | Trivia Night III | Featured Shows


Beer Of The Month

Canuck Pale Ale

35 IBU, 5.2%

Aromas of grapefruit, mango and pine hit you in the face; like a beaver slapping his tail on a pristine small body of water in Ontario. Canuck pours a deep gold, bordering on burnt orange that produces a tight snowy white toque. Take one last nose before getting into the liquid, which you’ll soon find will be hard to put down. Soft carbonation leads into a sweet honeyish start before it gives way to more grapefruit, tropical citrus, canned peaches and pine. Light to medium body with a very dry finish.


Tap Feature

Great Lakes Invasion

Thursday June 7, from 5 PM

Our friends at Great Lakes will be featuring a bunch of interesting brews - all with their brewmaster Mike Lackey's distinctive flair. Included is Coastal Collision, a C'est What collaboration in honour our 30th anniversary. Loosely based on our Al's Cask Ale, Coastal Collision features massive west-coast aroma hopping and a Vermont-style haziness all wrapped into the sessionable Al's ethos.


Weekend Breakfast

Saturday and Sunday until 4 PM

In addition to our regular ecclectic from-scratch menu we offer three additional items on weekend afternoons:

St. Lawrence Peameal On A Bun - A of the goodness of "Canadian Bacon" with a fried egg, cheddar cheese, crispy onions, and tomato chutney.

Fritata - A melage of scrabbled eggs, sausage, cheddar, and roasted potatoes, served with cilantron and black bean and roasted corn salsas and gucamole.

Breakfast Poutine - Two fried eggs and bacon on Classic Poutine.


Trivia Night III

Essential Trivia

Wednesday June 20 at 8 PM

Trivia can be anything but trivial. To function in our society there are some very unimportant things that you must know. So, whether it is preparing for water cooler chats or your next Tinder date, it is essential that you attend our next trivia night.


Featured Shows


Friday June 8 at 10:00 PM, $10 suggested contribution

Once upon a time, Rock N’ Roll was a crossroads. It was little effects and big sound. It was clean riffs and dirty tones. It was surfing on pavement. It was velvet on leather and ultraviolet chrome. Once upon a time, Rock N’ Roll was a cheap bar. It was whiskey and women. It was tobacco and perfume. It was dancing in smoke clouds. It was shadows in red rooms leading you down. Once upon a time, Rock N’ Roll was an earthquake. It was primitive drum beats. It was blood rushing in crowds. It was rumbling concrete. It was bones shaking bodies on top of the ground. Once upon a time, Rock N’ Roll was a jungle. It was electrified monkeys. It was rituals of ecstasy under the sky. It was wild roosters calling. It was mescaline horsemen conquering the night.

Those times are back. The Tailbreakers have followed the timeless 60s’ surf/garage rock influence, putting out original tunes produced with minimal effects and maximum mojo.

Novelty Citizen

People Walking By

Thursday June 21 at 8:30 PM, $10 suggested contribution

The name Novelty Citizen communicates the identity based connection of the band, where all of our presences in the world rapidly change and morph our sense of who we are. Music with feeling and heart gives belonging during this process. “Novelty Citizen”, the self titled EP, is Jesse and Vincent's recorded debut together. Through the fruitful creative setting of Toronto today, they have crafted nostalgic sounds into a distinct, thoughtful young vibe of the early 21st century.

People Walking By. In between the many hours spent playing Ultimate Frisbee, climbing trees, paying taxes and cooking a shit ton of food, Kaleb & Kevin are a duo who play all over the musical spectrum. They’ve got a mix of originals ranging from folk to funk to acoustic rock and an array of covers spanning from Bob Dylan to Marvin Gaye to Carly Rae Jepsen. Yup… Carly Rae Jepsen. We did our undergrad in acting together and we all lived on the same floor in residence. Started playing music together in our 4th year of school and recently we brought Felix into the mix to back us up on the kit. He's a beast.



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