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Issue 188

November 2018

Best Brut Christmas Odyssey Edition

Beer Of The Month | The Good Tap | Trivia Night VIII | Leah's Beer School | Featured Shows


Beer Of The Month

Henderson's Best

5.5%, 30 IBU, Henderson's

Henderson’s Best is a modern take on a classic ESB. Imagine a beer first brewed in Toronto at the beginning of the 19th century and how it would have changed and matured over the 215 years between then and now. That recipe, tweaked throughout 2015 became Henderson’s Best. It is moderately hopped, with caramel and malt-forward flavour. Well-balanced, smooth, and easy drinking.


A Buck-A-Beer For The Better: The Good Tap

Spice Odyssey

7.0%, 25 IBU, Wellington

The Good Tap is a rotating tap featuring fresh flavourful brews curated by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. This month, the Ladies and Wellington Brewery bring us a Chai Latte Stout. Created and brewed by the all-women Queen of Craft crew, this unique stout has a creamy malt body with black tea and chai spices including cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and clove.

Donations of $1 for every pint and $0.50 from every half pint will go directly to the Ladies charity of choice, the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


Trivia Night VIII

The Quiz War On Christmas

Wednesday November 21, 8 PM, Free Admission

You may have the earrings, sweater, mittens, and socks, but how does your knowledge of “the most wonderful time of the year” measure up? A stocking full of coal to those who want to Make Christmas Great Again - all others will enjoy good cheer and perhaps a gift.


Leah's Beer School

Lesson 1: Ah, Two Brut, eh?

A relative newcomer to the beer scene, the Brut IPA is one of the biggest beer trends of 2018. But, what does it mean to be a Brut?

Borrowing its name from the wine world, the term “brut” describes a style of beer that is both extremely dry and highly carbonated. Unofficial style guidelines suggest that it should also be pale in colour and present clear hop aromas.

So, what’s the Brut secret?  According to San Francisco’s Kim Sturdavant, it’s all in the enzyme.  This special enzyme, called amyloglucosidase, works to break down otherwise unfermentable starches into fermentable sugars.  In brewing triple IPAs or imperial stouts, it is used to achieve greater attenuation, allowing the brightness of the hops to shine through heavy malts.

Last year Sturdavant, who is credited with the creation of the Brut IPA, decided to experiment by using the amylo enzyme to brew a single IPA with Nelson Sauvin hops. The result was the birth of the first Brut beer, a fruit-forward bone dry IPA with champagne-like carbonation.

While the beer world is changing more quickly than ever before, it’s hard to predict whether the Brut IPA is a passing trend or if it will become an official style that’s here to stay – that said, it’s worth trying a pint or two either way!


Featured Shows

John Lewitt Album Release Party

Saturday November 24, 9 PM, $10 in advance, $15 at the door

John Lewitt is a Toronto-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He writes and records music across multiple genres, weaving together influences of country, rock, folk, pop, and Americana.

Since 2013, John has released four albums and has had several songs played on radio stations and programs including CBC’s Afternoon Drive and Fresh Air. This year he’s breaking into the TV industry with two songs featured on The Young & The Restless.

Don’t miss out on All Good Things, John’s fifth album and release party.


Malibu Love

Friday November 30, 9 PM, Free Admission, Suggested Contribution $10

Malibu Love is an instrumental R&B/soul band performing popular songs by artists such as D'Angelo, Robert Glasper, Daniel Caesar, John Legend, Thundercat and many more. Led by saxophonist Graeme Wallace, their aim is to capture vocal inspiration and R&B production aesthetic, blending it with a live experience akin to Jazz.




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