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Issue 189

December 2018

Chriskwanzukkah Edition

Beer Of The Month | The Good Tap | Tap Feature | Craft Cocktails | Trivia Night VIII | Leah's Beer School | Featured Shows | Coupon


Beer Of The Month

Belgian Style Stout

5.8%, 35 IBU, Spearhead

Brewed with Demerara sugar, Curaçao orange peel, coriander and Trappist Ale yeast, this unique unfiltered stout has a luscious creamy texture and delightfully dry finish. It offers notes of chocolate and espresso with hints of banana, orange and tropical spice.


A Buck-A-Beer For The Better: The Good Tap

Sweater Weather

5.5%, 25 IBU, The Second Wedge

The Good Tap is a rotating tap featuring fresh flavourful brews curated by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. To help us through chilly winter nights, the Ladies and The Second Wedge Brewing Company bring us Sweater Weather, a light-bodied dark saison that offers comforting aromas of orange peel and chocolate, before revealing deeper flavours of raisin and coffee, with a dry, effervescent finish.

Donations of $1 for every pint and $0.50 from every half pint will go directly to the Ladies charity of choice, the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


Tap Feature: Halo

Thursday December 6, from 5 PM

Straight from the Junction Triangle, the mad scientists from Halo are bringing a fresh collection of innovative and delicious brews. 


Craft Cocktails

Craft beer has always had our heart, but we love our local spirits too. We’ve been hard at work tasting some of Ontario’s finest craft spirits and testing some new cocktail recipes as well.

Come out to sample spirits from our favourite distillers, such as Dillon's, Last Straw, or Kinsip. You can shake it up with a cocktail or two from our newly crafted list.


Trivia Night VIX

Millennial Edition

Wednesday January 16, 8 PM, Free Admission

Don’t worry Millennials, it’s not all about you. Our first trivia night of 2019 takes a retrospective look at history, pop culture and music from the last two decades. Take your transporter back to Y2K, dialup Internet, MySpace, Destiny’s Child and to a time when George W. Bush was America’s worst president.


Leah's Beer School

Lesson 2: Who Are You Calling Stout?

It’s finally December and ‘tis the season for roasty, malty, creamy, dark, delicious porters and stouts. But what’s the difference between a porter and stout? 

The history of the porter goes back about three hundred years, where it was brewed as a full-bodied beer made using moderately kilned brown malt. Stronger versions of porters were referred to as “stout porter” or a “stout” for short. 

Initially, the word stout was used to describe any strong beer regardless of style, but as the popularity of the stout porter outstripped that of a regular porter, the word stout became synonymous with strong black beer.

Some brewers today maintain that malt defines the difference between a porter and stout where a porter uses mostly malted barley and a stout primarily uses roasted unmalted barley, giving it a drier, roasted coffee flavour. On the other hand, it was not until 1880 that the United Kingdom permitted the use of roasted barley and stouts were being made long before it was a legal ingredient. 

In the end, beer aficionados have concluded that there’s no fundamental difference between a porter and stout, as they once began as a single style. As the beer world evolves, the decision to name a porter or stout comes down to the brewer’s prerogative or personal preference.


Featured Shows

Richard Malouin

with Jordan Paul

Saturday December 15, 9 PM, Free Admission, Suggested Contribution $10

Richard Malouin is a singer/songwriter who played in numerous punk bands around Toronto in the 80s. Although his work as an actor, director and playwright has kept him very busy ever since, Richard has always maintained his love of music. His passion for playing was recently reignited, inspiring the release of his 2016 debut Bad Joe Rising.

Jordan Paul is an unstoppable force of fluid emotion. A clever songwriter and multi-instrumentalist at only 24, his music is as eclectic as it is spiritually intelligent.  He is recording his debut studio release out this fall and available on a limited-edition 7-inch vinyl.


Jack Walker's 7th Annual Festivus Miracle

Saturday December 22, 9 PM, Free Admission, Suggested Contribution $10

It’s a Festivus Miracle! Once again, Jack Walker will be bringing the Festivus pole back to our stage with special musical guests to keep the party going. Be sure to carry on the tradition by challenging Jack to the Feats of Strength or by taking part in the Airing of Grievances.





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