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Issue 146

February 2014

We introduced our new website in December. One of the great features is that you can manage your subscription to our monthly newsletter on the site. Unfortunately there were a few hiccoughs in the delivery of our last couple of issues. We have worked to fix this and hope you can enjoy the February installment complete with pictures. The newsletter can also be viewed online. Please let us know if there are any glitches remaining.   - Cheers, George

Steve Poltz

Wednesday February 5, 9:30 PM.

Advance tickets are available online for $20

To suggest that Steve Poltz isn't normal is about as safe a statement as one could make. You would basically require the powers of the Hubble space telescope to locate Steve Poltz from any region of normalcy.

For music fans on both sides of the equator, this is a very good thing.

Born among the hearty seafaring folk of Canada's Halifax, Nova Scotia, Poltz has lived most of his life in Southern California, where the sun treated his rocky Canadian DNA like clothes in a dryer. Naturally a spectrum of cultural and emotional tensions arose and he eventually sought refuge in the art of songwriting, where he tapped into an unforgettable and often horrifying depth of unhinged genius.

His live shows have captivated audiences far and wide with a mix of singing, storytelling, shredding, and the occasional spoken word rants which have been known to incite riots. He can take an audience from laughter to tears and back again in the space of the same song. Steve Poltz transcends the word "talented." He is unforgettable in all the right ways.

Great Lakes Brewing

February Feature Brewery

To whip up a little patriotic fervor for our Canadian atheletes we are featuring Crazy Canuck as our beer-of-the-month. Bold and assertive in that polite Canadian way, this brew will help you get through some of the more esoteric sports and on to the games you really want to watch.

We will also be featuring a different crazy cask from Great Lakes each week during the month of February.


Beau's Mid-Winter Beer-Of-The-Week Club

Beau’s will kick off the month of feBREWary on Saturday February 1 at C'est What by toasting the 2nd Annual International Gruit Day with the release of St. Luke’s Verse, a brand-new gruit brewed with herbs in place of hops. A new brew will follow each week on Thursday until March.

Thursday February 6 the next offering debuts: Ellsmere’s Regret, a chocolate-marshmallow-hemp stout.

On Thursday February 13 Mission Accomplished goes on tap in time for our 26th anniversary. It is an American IPA brewed with a bold hop aroma and assertive bitterness.

The 2014 incarnation of Beau’s annual feBREWary coffee + beer collaboration with Ottawa’s Bridgehead Roastery returns on the 20th: Collabrrrewnaut, a coffee-infused classic Bohemian Pilsner.

The last beer in series is Wag the Wolf, a hopfenweisse-style beer that will start pouring on February 27.

Happy Anniversary

C'est What: Established February 13, 1988

Here we are, twenty-six years into our grand experiment in unapologetic local boosterism. We were the first in Toronto to feature only the finest local breweries and wineries, and were alone in this commitment for most of our history. Over the years we have found an increasing and broad acceptance of what we offer from our guests.

Showcasing the best of Toronto is not without challenges, in many ways over the past half dozen years the rest of the industry has caught on to the merits of craft beer. We all have a lot more choice and that is a good thing.

For our part, we will continue to work hard at providing excellence in the breadth of the experience that we can offer in this increasingly crowded marketplace. So, whether it is craft beer, made from scratch multi-cultural food, quality wine, indie music, great whiskies, comfortable casual atmosphere, or friendly unassuming service that you are seeking, we will be here to help. Promise.

You can pick up a free C'est What branded pint glass with a pre-tax purchase of $15 on our 26th anniversary, February 13, 2014. Available to the first 260 eligible customers, one per person.