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Issue 147-2

March 2014

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Change can be hard. Our new website based newsletter system got off to a rather un-even start. We're confident that the worst of our techinical difficulties are behind us and that you will now hear from us, faithfully, once a month. We appreciate your patience, please see the offer below.



Even our fish love beer.

It's a FAQ

Where did the name C'est What come from?

The etymology is a little hazy after a quarter of a century but the legend spun by our founder involves a quantity of beer and a loud party. He was asked the name of the yet to be built restaurant and responded: "Say what?"

More FAQs can be found online.


Brewery of The Month

We are featuring Wellington's Terrestrial India Brown Ale all month. It brings together the rich malt complexity of an English brown ale with the refreshing citrus hop bitterness of an American style Cascadian dark ale. A Gold Medal winner at the 2012 Canadian Brewing Awards.

On Tuesday March 4 we joined forces with Wellington on a Bacon & Beer night which matched four courses of bacon and beer infused food from our kitchen along with six courses of beer.


Buck Off Tall-Boys

Tell work to buck off and enjoy a special price on Wellington tall-boys: One dollar off from 4 to 6 on weekdays. We have Arkell Best Bitter, County Ale, Special Pale Ale, and Imperial Stout available for you to duck out early and play hooky with this month.



It's interesting that when you stick with something for 26 years how some things start to add up: Like sore feet from serving 3,360,000 pints of craft beer and 58,000 bottles of VQA wine to date.

Every year we add another staggering (literally) 180,000 pints and 3,000 bottles to the totals. The enormous activity in the local brewing scene is evident in the fact that we have been able to sell 320 different brews from four-dozen breweries in the past year. This is triple what we were able to offer just a few years ago. Great Lakes Brewery was the biggest contributor to this diversity in 2013 with twenty unique brews.


Suzana d'Amour

Suzana d’Amour has an arresting quirkiness, sound, and swagger that is entirely and unmistakably hers. Lush, layered theatrical pop with world underpinnings served up with a whopping dose of drama and verve.

Advance tickets are available online for $8 (all-in).