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Issue 160

September 2015

The Toronto Beer Week  Issue

Beer Festival | Red Racer Launch | Great Lakes Cask Take-over | Just Not Ready (For The Big Leagues) | Who Do You Love?

28th Annual Festival Of Craft Breweries

Friday & Saturday September 18 & 19, 5 PM to midnight

Our 28th annual celebration of great local beer kicks off Toronto Beer Week. Expect four dozen examples of small brewery adventure and innovation each evening.

As usual there is free admission and most samples will cost a dollar. We will be announcing the line-up for each night in the week leading up to the event on social media and on our events page.

Red Racer Launch

Thursday September 24, 6 to 9 PM

A tasty bit of the left-coast will arrive in the form of fresh draught Red Racer IPA and ISA. As if that's not enough, a vintage Red Racer cooler full of swag will be given away.

Great Lakes Cask Take-over

Friday September 25, 6 to 9 PM

Great Lakes is rolling the barrels east for the evening showing off at least a half dozen of their finest creations. As if this isn't a good enough reason to drop by, there will be prizes for the best dressed guest - as long as your kind of dressing up resembles the Great Lakes Canuck, Gordie Levesque.

The thirsty among us may also be interested in the Great Lakes Limp Puppet, our beer of the month. A session IPA weighing in at 25 IBU and 3.8% it is unfiltered, hazy and dull yellow with a snowy white head. Tropical and juicy hop profile dominates the aroma. White wine/grape must, citrus rind (lemon) and a freshly bit tangerine. Passion fruit throughout. 

Just Not Ready (For The Big Leagues)


The following was our response to a recent enquiry from a production company about renting C'est What to film a beer commercial:

"Thanks for considering C’est What for your television commercial. We have been around for 27 years, proudly serving craft beers and promoting the “real” beer industry. As a result, it would be the height of hypocrisy for us to consider lending our space, name, or anything else to promote a ghastly factory beer made by Molson’s, an American company masquerading as a Canadian brewery, misleading the public by pitching Rickard’s as some sort of craft beer when it is, in fact, just the same crap they sell under ten other labels, with a few more artificial colours and flavours.

Of course, you are not responsible for the actions of your client, and I expect they are a very lucrative client for you. I just want you to understand why we could never participate in promoting them. Please give me a call when you have a client making a good product, sold honestly."

Who Do You Love?


There are two contests running where you can let the world know just how good your taste is. The Golden Tap Awards and Now's Best Of Toronto would like you to vote for a few of your favourite things.


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