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Issue 161

October 2015

The Future Is Now Issue 

Beer Festival Results | Brewery Of The Month | The Future Is Now | An Evening At The Market

Toronto Beer Week Festival 2015

28th Annual Festival Of Craft Breweries


During our most recent beer festival, on September 18 and 19 2015, the weather outside was still summery but those gathered inside were looking forward to the blustery and boozey days of autumn. Of the sixty-three brews on offer, two were deemed to be extra delicious: Rainhard Brewery's Refuge Double IPA (8% ABV) and Amsterdam's Six Boroughs Toronto Beer Week Rye Porter (10% ABV) which both weighed in with median scores of 8 out of 10. This is the second festival in a row where the newcomer, Rainhard, has grabbed a top spot.

About 900 people participated in the festival. Our guests were most interested in trying the cask Muskoka Harvest Ale with Blackberries and the Big Rock White Stout. Not all of the highly regarded brews were high in alcohol. Muskoka Detour (4.3% ABV), C'est What Homegrown Hemp Ale (4.5% ABV), and Great Lakes Citradiction (4.4% ABV) all finished in the top ten.

The festival honour roll includes twenty-four brews rated at least 14 times with a median score of seven or more.


Brewery Of The Month

Black Oak


We kicked off October with Black Oak's Oaktoberfest which proved so popular that we ran out of it in a week. Fortunately Ken and crew have many other tasty brews available so we have now doubled up with the twin beauties of Nut Brown Ale and Nutcraker Porter on tap.


The Future Is Now


You may have thought that we were going to write about our local baseball team. No, not today. This is about something that we can cheer for every day - wireless ordering and payment at C'est What. The next time you visit you will probably notice that our servers are packing iPads. This will allow them to place your order faster, get our kitchen cooking, and give them more time to hang out and talk beer or baseball or zen philosophy with you.

When it comes time to pay you now have the option of using your Interac debit card with our spiffy new chip and PIN enabled pay-at-the-table devices. There is still no word on when wireless transmission of beer will be ready for beta testing.


An Evening At The Market


Tickets are avaialble through EventBrite


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