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Issue 165

March 2016

Battle Of Ontario Issue 

Brewery Of The Month | Cask To The Future | 613 In The 6ix

Beer Of The Month

Hoppin' Maibock

35 IBU, 5.8% ABV


A modern take on a classic spring beer. Dry hopping adds a depth of flavour, from a big tropical aroma to a complex malty body that’s highlighted with just the right touch of hops.


Cask To The Future


19th century advances in science such as pasteurization and mechanical refrigeration led the inevitable march towards tightly controlled, factory produced, mass made and marketed beer. Filtering, pasteurizing, adding controlled amounts of carbon dioxide, and packaging in bottles eliminated the natural variability of cask beer, and the extra care that was needed to properly dispense it. Modern keg beer is identical to bottled beer except that it is pushed to the tap faucet from the keg using a combination of compressed carbon dioxide and nitrogen.


613 In The 6ix


We are celebrating the return of Dion Phaneuf on Saturday March 5 by hosting a party for our friends from Ottawa. A tap takeover, a hockey game, fantastic frienemy fun. Stay tuned to our social media feeds for lineup details as they are confirmed.




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